Nikon Ai Conversions for Nikkor Lenses

Old Nikkor lenses are amazing, very well made and all have their own character. These lenses are still a joy to use on most Nikon DSLR’s and with this conversion it gets even better!

My modification services is unique for pre-ai or non-ai lenses. It will allow these lenses to be used on Nikon Digital cameras equipped with an EXPOSURE METER COUPLING at the lens mount. (like Nikon D300, Df, D800, D850, D4, D5 etc)

This high precision conversion is the only modification method available which is not visible on the outside of the aperture ring of the lens like many other conversions you see on the internet.

Modification from the inside of the aperture ring. Not visible from the outside.

Your aperture ring will be professionally modified.  You will then have full colour matrix metering on your Nikon camera and you set the aperture by moving the aperture ring on the lens. Just like you did in the pre-digital age.

Works for following Manual Focus lenses often with names including auto, followed by H, N, S, O, P or Q:

24mm 2.8 Nikon Nikkor auto N & N.C

35mm 1.4 Nikon Nikkor N

50mm 2. Nikon Nikkor H

55mm 3.5 Nikon Nikkor micro P

5.8cm 1.4 Nikon Nikkor S

85mm 1.8 Nikon Nikkor H

105mm 2.5Nikon Nikkor P & P.C

135mm 3.5Nikon Nikkor Q


Above list is not complete. I have developed some other in keeping conversions /modification for several other Nikon Camera’s. As Nikon changed the design of the index tab frequently (with the execution on the Df being the most friendly one) I extended the types of modifications needed to extend the types of lenses that can be modified. Some are slightly more visible some have a different principle. Key of my modifications is to keep it to the minimum so that the visual aspect of the lens remains the same.

If you would like more information please contact me via mail:

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