The elegant Nikkor non Ai to Ai conversion

Offering Unique Conversion Service for pre-ai or non-ai lenses, which will allow them to be used on Nikon Digital cameras equipped with an EXPOSURE METER COUPLING at the lens mount. (D300’s, Df, D750, D800, D850, D4, D5 etc)

Further advantage it will also work with Nikon Film cameras with metering tab.

With this service your lens will be professionally modified.  You will now have full colour matrix metering and set the aperture by moving the aperture ring on the lens. Like you did in the pre digital age.

This high precision conversion is the only modification method available which is not visible on the outside of the aperture ring of the lens.

Works for following Manual Focus lenses Nippon Nikkor Kogaku:

24mmauto1:2.8N & N.C
55mmauto1:3.5P micro
105mmauto1:2.5P & P.C
135mmauto1:3.5Q & Q.C
200mmauto1:4Q & Q.C

Update 2021: Above list is not complete. For lenses not listed here I also have very nice solutions.

The cost for this modification is only GBP 18,00 excluding return postage. Turnaround time is normally within 3 days after receiving the aperture ring. Interested? Please contact me for more information via my email:

In order to keep postage cost low preferably you disassemble the aperture ring from your lens and only send me the aperture ring with lens information. In many occasions removing the aperture ring is very easy. If needed instructions can be provided.

Advantages: compatible with analog and digital Nikon cameras, not visible on the outside, full metering and most of all not impact on the value of your lens.

Arguable a more elegant solution then a Nikon Ais aperture ring!

15 thoughts on “Services

  1. Wonderful servicing. Fast turnaround and the 50mm 1.4 now fits my D700 like a glove. Also wonderfully restored is my 28mm f3.5 which looks pretty much new now!

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  2. Thank you Marcel for doing such an exquisite and prompt conversion on my pre-AI Micro-NIKKOR 55mm f/3.5. It now happily mounts on all of my Nikon bodies that have a meter coupling lever.

    R (NSW, Australia)

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  3. Sander van Vliet 25th Jan 2020 — 10:28 am

    Thanks Marcel for your excellent conversion on my Nikkor 300mm f4.5 AI. It works like a dream on my Nikon 7000 & Nikon FE and FM.

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  4. Marcel has modified my Micro Nikkor Auto 55mm f/3.5 very elegant and now I can use it on my D850 with metering. Thanks a lot. Marcels Service gives a very good value and is less expensive than the freight-costs from Germany to GB (:-). And – also important: Marcel is extremely friendly and competent. From now on I will send every old lens, I can get, to him for modification …Ralf


  5. Alexander Ferber 19th Feb 2020 — 5:53 pm

    Thank you very much for this wonderful work. My 50mm 1.4 Auto looks amazing and works just perfect now.

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  6. Thank you Marcel,your method of Ai modification is superb.
    My 135 mm f2.8 Auto still looks great and after you serviced
    it is fantastic to use on a D800.
    Thank you very much for your skill and Inovation.

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  7. Super service and communication thanks will use again

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  8. Marcel helped me out by not only modifying but completely refurbishing my old nikkor O 35mm f2. Works like a dream now. I would have no hesitation in using his services again!


  9. John Schröder 30th Oct 2020 — 9:23 pm

    Marcel heeft mijn oude nikon 105mm f2.5ais gemodificeerd. Ik ben er erg blij mee. Nu kan ik het op mijn nikon D300S en nikon D610 gebruiken. Alles werkt perfect en is erg netjes gedaan. Marcel is vriendelijk en zeer behulpzaam.
    Dank je wel Marcel.
    John Schröder


  10. Really pleased that I found Marcel, he did an excellent job servicing the helicoids on my Nikon 28mm, focussing now works like new. I would highly recommend his services.
    Paul Crutchley

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  11. Marcel has made a wonderful job on my old Nikkor 24mm f2.8 which now works as it should do on my Nikon FM2n. Turn round was very fast and I am still in awe that he can do this marvellous change for such a very low price too.
    If anyone wants their Nikon lenses updated Marcel is the only person to go to. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
    Tony Smith


    1. An update. There was a bit of a glitch with the 24mm lens BUT Marcel took it back and fixed it without any charge! It is now working beautifully. Thank you Marcel for your great work and wonderful sevice.


  12. Patrick Allombert 5th May 2021 — 2:58 pm

    Thank you Marcel for your terrific and fast work for the conversion of my 20mm f 3.5, 28mm f 3.5 and 35mm f 2.8. They fit perfectly my D700 and my old F and F2. Very nice communication with somebody who pay attention to your desires. It’s been a chance to find Marcel.

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  13. Mike Tomkinson 6th Oct 2021 — 11:00 am

    A really good service provided in converting my pre Ai 135mm lens. I was kept well informed at each stage of the process/transaction and the conversion has produced a lens that fits cleanly on to my FM2n.
    I’ve no reservations at all about recommending Marcel’s service.


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