Nikkor non Ai to Ai modification

Offering Unique Modification Service for pre-ai or non-ai lenses, which will allow them to be used on Nikon Digital cameras equipped with an EXPOSURE METER COUPLING at the lens mount. (D300’s, Df, D750, D800, D850, D4, D5 etc)

Further advantage it will also work with Nikon Film cameras with metering tab.

With this service your lens will be professionally modified.  You will now have full colour matrix metering and set the aperture by moving the aperture ring on the lens. Like you did in the pre digital age.

This high precision modification is the only modification method available which is not visible on the outside of the aperture ring of the lens.

Works for following Manual Focus lenses Nippon Nikkor Kogaku:

24mmauto1:2.8N & N.C
55mmauto1:3.5P micro
105mmauto1:2.5P & P.C
135mmauto1:3.5Q & Q.C
200mmauto1:4Q & Q.C

Interested? Please contact me for a quotation.

In order to keep postage cost low preferably you disassemble the aperture ring from your lens and only send me the aperture ring with lens information. In many occasions removing the aperture ring is very easy. If needed instructions can be provided.

Advantages: compatible with analog and digital Nikon cameras, not visible on the outside, full metering. Arguable a more elegant solution then a Nikon Ais aperture ring!

1 thought on “Services

  1. Wonderful servicing. Fast turnaround and the 50mm 1.4 now fits my D700 like a glove. Also wonderfully restored is my 28mm f3.5 which looks pretty much new now!


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