Organisations are increasingly seeing the value that strong procurement practices can provide; however, many organisations view procurement as a transactional ‘cost killer’, rather than a strategic function.

Magnimopus main focus is developing and delivering procurement and supply chain strategies with our clients that get the best results from the market, reduce costs, and optimise purchasing processes.

Engaging with cross functional team members to develop Design to Cost and Design to Value models. Ensuring supplier compliance with regulatory requirements and those of the client.

1. Business commercial strategy 
Aligning the business commercial strategy to clients’ visions and objectives.
2. Procurement strategy
Developing the procurement and contracting strategies to drive value and mitigate risk.
3. Supply chain strategy
Driving value and performance from a better understanding of the supply chain.
4. Market engagement
Engaging the supply chain at an early stage to validate the strategy and obtain market buy-in.
5. Procurement execution
Effectively managing the procurement process from specification to award.
6. Contracts development
Developing the contracts to optimise opportunities and minimise risks.

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