Nikkor Ai conversion: Food for thought.

One of my services is to provide a unique conversion service for vintage Nikkor AUTO lenses. My conversion method is almost invisible, provides compatibility with most Nikon cameras executed with a metering tab.

When developing this conversion method the objectives where to make sure that Ai compatibility was guaranteed without damaging the original lens design. To keep the modification invisible once the lens is mounted onto the camera.

The Ai conversion offered under ”Services” completely meets the set objectives.

To give a better understanding of this unique conversion, please see following example of a Nikkor Kogaku 5.8cm f1.4 AUTO posted on the internet.

The 5.8cm f1.4 lens is a rather rare lens as production was seized shortly after introduction and replaced by a common 50mm. The picture below shows a conversion that possible works but completely destroyed the lens (and its value). Sad to see considering the beauty of this rare lens.

Compare above conversion with the conversion method offered under Services. Pictures below shows detail of my unique conversion. Food for thought?

For any questions, please have a look under SERVICES and get in touch.

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